Terms & Conditions

Currencies & Shipping

               All our prices are in US Dollars even though we are based in Canada. This decision has been made long time ago in order to prevent the many emails we were receiving asking us what would this Canadian price equals in (put you favorite currency here). It became obvious that for international sales, the US dollar currency was more appropriate and widely accepted. Be aware that our prices have been adjusted for this US currency.
                Please allow up to 5 business days to process and package you orders of spacers and 10 business days for Skidplates. All our shipments are tracked and insured in order to protect your investment. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number.
*** Delivery time is between 4-13 business days For ALL Countries/Continents !***
              Since the orders are all insured, if the shipping company lose it, you will be sent a new order for free. This will happen once we receive a confirmation from the shipping company that your order has been lost.
                 We will not ship anymore to shipping brokers like alva freight and the likes. If your shipping address has any kind of number after your name and that we can identify the address as a shipping company, we will cancel and refund your order. The reason why is a long story but to make it short, I always lose money and products when the shipping company (usps or canadapost) omits to scan at destination… There is just no way to get in touch with these companies…


All sales are finals and non returnable. If you receive damaged items, please provide us with pictures of the package and we will help you get new items. If you bought the wrong item, it is now yours. Each item is hand made and often made on demand, so make sure you ordered the right items.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Because Paypal and Stripe do not refund the seller(SFCreation) the transactions fees, I am forced to impose cancellation and refund fees to you (my customers). When you cancel your order, you will be refunded 90% of the total amount. The extra 10% is to cover the cost of the transaction and the restocking. Make sure you are ordering the right kit and if uncertain, please write us at info@sfcreation.com.

Legal Terms:

All our kits are for OFF-ROAD ONLY and have not been approved by any engineering firm.  You are purchasing and installing them at your own risk. sfcreation.com shall not be liable for any damage or accident that my have been caused by such installation of our kits. If you decide to use your vehicle on public road while having our kits installed, you are taking the responsibility of this action. It is illegal in many states/countries to install suspension spacers. It is your responsibility to verify with your authorities if such spacers are allowed where you live.