R51 Pathfinder Body Lift Spacers ONLY (NO HARDWARE) (05-12)


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Made from the same material we use on our suspension lift kits (HDPE), these spacers will enable you to gain between 1″ and 3″ of extra height. Available in 0.5″ increments, you’ll be able to dial in your lift needs.

This product DOES NOT include the bolts for the installation.  Simply source locally the hardware you need and save money and shipping cost. Using our basic installation procedure, you will need to address the possible issues you might have once you start installing 2″ and up. These will vary depending on your pathfinder options.

These are the following potential issues with 2″ and up :

1) Manual vs automatic… Manual transmission shift stick will need to be extended or a small bend will need to be done. Automatic transmission might not need any modifications.

2) If you have a larger than oem battery, you might need to change or extend your positive battery cable

3) If you have a bull bar or after market bumpers, the brackets will need to be modified in order to fit the body height change.

4) Possibly longer radiator coolant hoses

5) There can be other modifications to be done depending on  your truck unique setups.


If you are a seasoned mechanic and can deal with these modifications, then this product is for you. If you are not sure you can handle this, please consider a 1″ or 1.5″ spacers or complete body lift kits (1″ and 1.5″)  which does not imply any modifications.


Here’s what’s included for each sets:

1″  : 6 small and 4 big spacers, 1″ in height : Total 10 spacers

1.5″ : 6 small and 4 big spacers, 1.5″ in height : Total 10 spacers

2″ : 12 small and 8 big spacers, 1″ in height. You combine 2x of each to gain 2″ : Total 20 spacers

2.5″ : 6 small 1″, 6 small 1.5″, 4 big 1″, 4 big 1.5″. You combine 2 of each to gain 2.5″ : Total 20 spacers

3″ : 12 small and 8 big spacers, 1.5″ in height. You combine 2x of each to gain 3″ : Total 20 spacers


Here are the bolts you will need to source locally for each sizes. You will need 10x for the installation.

1″ and 1.5″ = M12x1.25x140mm (5-1/2″) (preferably class 10.9 (grade 8 for metric))

2″ = M12x1.25x150mm (5-7/8″) (preferably class 10.9 (grade 8 for metric))

2.5″ = M12x1.25x160mm (6-1/4″) (preferably class 10.9 (grade 8 for metric))

3″ = M12x1.25x180mm (7″) (preferably class 10.9 (grade 8 for metric))



You will find our installation procedure here : R51-Body Lift Installation Procedure