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R51 PATHFINDER – Body Lift Kit 1″ (05-12)

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Made from the same material we use on our suspension lift kit, this HDPE bodylift will raise your truck by 1″ without affecting the suspension geometry. Easy to install, it comes with basic instructions and class 10.9 (grade 8 for metric) hardware.

Combine this body lift with our suspension lift and gain even more space for bigger tires.

Includes :

4x large spacers (2-3/4″ – 70mm)

6x small spacers (2″ – 50mm)

10x class 10.9 (Grade 8 for Metric Bolts)  M12x1.25 x 140mm bolts

10x M12 Washers

1x permatex blue Threadlocker


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*** We recommend you get your kit installed by a mechanic that has access to the right tools and possibly a lift as the installation do require some basic mechanic knowledge. If you still want to give it a go by yourself, please click on the following link for the installation procedure ***

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