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R50 – Front Spacers (R50) (Sold in pairs) (96-04)

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Bolts Lenght (Only Necessary if you are upgrading a current installation)
Thickness Of Spacer*
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The front spacers install on top of the struts. They are already threaded for easy installation. They  come with all the hardware that you need (bolts of proper length, washers and EZ-lock Nylon Nuts ).


Being fully threaded, these spacers are the easiest to install as you will not need chemical fastener or have to weld the bolts to the strut plate. Simply dis-assemble the strut, remove the existing stud and rebuild with the included hardware by threading the spacer to the top plate.

All our spacers are fully modular, meaning you can add or remove the spacers in order to get the height that you want with predictable results !


CNC Precision made from HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) in CANADA !

What you get:

For 1″ : ** Provides 1″ of Lift **

1 pair of HDPE 1″ strut spacers

6 2.5-inches Tap bolts  3/8

12 flat washers

6 EZ-Lock Nylon Nuts


for 1.5″ ** Provides 2″ of Lift **

1 pair of HDPE 1.5″ strut spacers

6 3-inches Tap Bolts 3/8

12 flat washers

6 EZ-Lock Nylon Nuts


for 2″ ** Provides 2.5″ of Lift **

2 pairs of HDPE 1″ strut spacers

6 3.5-inches Tap bolts  3/8

12 flat washers

6 EZ-Lock Nylon Nuts


We provide 1.5″ longer bolts with the front spacers. If you are adding a spacer to a current installation, you can choose longer bolts to accommodate your upgrade. For example, if you already have 1″ spacers installed and you are buying another set of 1″ to go on top, choose 3.5″ long bolts to be sent with your spacer at no extra costs.


* Please allow up to 5 business days for processing and packaging *